The world's first copper with carbon: introduction of eco-copper, we achieve a low-carbon society by copper with carbon with its high strength and high conductivity.


 background of Eco-copper Development

Through the economic development of emerging countries such as China, India, etc. in recent years, the trend is for the worldwide electricity demand to increase.
In addition, the rapid increase in electricity demand increases the emission of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, etc. emitted through thermal power generation, etc., and this accelerates the warming of the global environment, which is an issue of concern.

Under these circumstances, the efficient use of electrical energy is considered the key to the realization of a low-carbon society which is our goal. Electrical power generated at power plants are transmitted through cables which mainly use copper and aluminum. If the electrical resistance of the electric cable decreases even by a small amount or if the transmission distance is long, the reduction effect of the Joule loss becomes extremely large. In addition, even in the fields of automobile wire harnesses, home electrical appliances and in the construction sector, the use of materials which have a high electrical conductivity increases the efficiency of the use of electrical energy, and we can say that this contributes to the realization of a low-carbon society.

At Metal And Technology, Inc. Co., Ltd., we have supported the market introduction of the technology of adding carbon to non-ferrous metals whose research was conducted through industry-university collaboration by Tsukuba University. Until now, we have succeeded in developing carbon solder which has carbon added in the "lead-free solder," and we have achieved the strengthening of the "lead-free solder.“

By applying the technology of adding carbon into non-ferrous metals into copper, this time, we have succeeded in adding carbon to copper uniformly for the first time in the world. As for copper, which has carbon added in it (this is called "eco-copper" in our company), if the electrical conductivity increases, at the same time, the mechanical strength such as yield stress and tensile strength also increases, so this is intended for use in copper wire cables which tries to achieve high strength and high connectivity, high strength wire harnesses of automobiles, and the construction sector.

Charactaristics of Eco-copper

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